A woman is curled up on her side, you can see the curve of her belly, her dark curls and her legs. She is lying on a soft white blanket. Behind her you can see the rest of the room, curtains hanging in the window, an upright mirror and a door beyond.
Photo taken by the incredible @mollysdailykiss

There is something very wonderful about coming home from holiday. Somehow, your house has a new lease of life – it feels like walking into a fresh new space. Tucking yourself into your own comfortable bed again, knowing where everything is, feeling a sense of familiarity and safety. In my case, I am lucky enough that coming home also means that when I turn off the light after a long day I have both absolute silence and complete darkness, which last night allowed me to catch up on much needed sleep.

We don’t own our house, or even rent it, but we are lucky to have a place to live – even if it is temporary – that allows us a great deal of space in various ways. It is very old, and the ancient thickness of the walls means that sound doesn’t carry, nor do we have streetlights outside. All of our rooms vary in size. Some, like the living room, are very small, but the room I sleep in is incredibly spacious.

I know that I am very lucky to have so much space, and it is something I am especially grateful for given how much time I spend resting in bed. Of course it also means I have plenty of space for inviting others in as well, to share in making the most of the best room in the house.

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