A view of me in my wheelchair from the side. I am lying down with one leg raised, my green hair falling down behind the chair. I am wearing zebra striped underwear and stockings.

I can’t resist a dare.

I think it stems from the unhappy experience of being the awkward kid in a hostile arena of other kids, feeling desperate to fit in with no idea how. I have several very embarrassing memories of following through on dares just because I wanted to be accepted by my peers, which if I were really pushed I might share with someone.

Sadly though I was never involved in a fun and sexy truth or dare situation. The kind I dream about now. A safe group of friends willing to push you a little. What might I be asked to do? The thought of that heady mixture of fear and excitement is very alluring.

It has been just over two years since I started using a wheelchair. Whilst not quite a dare, when someone on Twitter called for wheelchair underwear shots I decided it was finally time to take some photos in it.

I don’t resent the chair – in fact I’m grateful for it, even though it is wildly unsuitable for my needs, it does mean I can manage short departures from my house (though most of those are for hospital appointments). I hope that these shots show a celebration of something that gives me a measure of freedom. (Its unsuitability is a rant for another day).

Sinful Sunday

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