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A hand holds a Poloroid photograph. In the image, a woman sits on the floor, legs apart, holding a Doxy vibrator between her legs. You can see the squish of her belly and her boobs within the Polaroid frame. There is dark hair falling around her shoulders. The title of the post tells you that she has sent the image by snail mail.

Sometimes it’s fun to send someone something exciting in the post. I love my Polaroid camera!

It wasn’t until I had decided to use this image this week that I realised it fitted in really well with the Kink of the Week, which is all about the ‘danger wank’, or in other words – masturbating in a place or situation in which there is a perceived risk of being caught.

I don’t think I have ever done this. Maybe because I prefer not to have the distraction of worrying, maybe because I’m not sure if I could do this in a consensual way, but definitely right now because it is less easy to do at all, without adding in the extra pressure – though if my body wasn’t a constant struggle I think I could imagine myself finding a way to try.

I remember vividly visiting my parents once during the summer, when our children were small and life was busy. My Mum was out I think, and my Dad had taken both children onto the front drive to have fun washing the car. I was wearing a short skirt, easy enough to sit astride my partner and bring myself to orgasm using his dick. It was fast, risky and hot. So perhaps, if I could, I might. Maybe I will find out one day.

In the meantime – sending cheeky photos by snail mail is exciting enough. Who would enjoy receiving this?

Sinful Sunday

An image of red lips with the words 'Kink of the Week' over the top.

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