A sepia image of a woman sitting on a chair. She is wearing just suspenders and stockings, and her arms are over her head. It resembles vintage erotica.

I have a thing for vintage photographs. I am not sure when it started; perhaps when I found the stash of family photos dating back to 1910, or maybe when I first saw the sepia images of vintage erotica, which are an incredibly beautiful glimpse into the history of sexuality and photography.

Or perhaps it started when I first saw this image of myself taken by Exposing40, and fell in love with looking this way myself. It is still my absolute favourite image (and probably deserves it’s own place on the blog) and I intend to get it printed one day.

The vintage prompt for Sinful Sunday then was something I absolutely couldn’t pass up. I have taken a few shots in this style before, (here, here, and here), but wanted something inspired by the vintage erotica genre. I looked at a range of photographs online and attempted a few recreations, but this is the one that stood out to me. Many of the photos I saw used chairs as props, and I love the combination of the lingerie and the sepia colour.

Sinful Sunday

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