First Time

The first thing I notice is the cold. It runs down my back in sharp juxtaposition to the warm caresses of his fingers, shocking me into drawing a sharp breath. My muscles tense as I follow its path, down my back, around my buttock and up again, and again, and this time the other buttock, getting closer and closer each time. I close my eyes, willing it towards my ass, longing for that first moment of contact.

I am on my knees now, just as I was when I first started wanting this. We were going through our usual dance, kissing, touching teasing and fucking, always ending with me on my knees, my arms resting on the bed and his cock inside me while his hands held my backside firmly in place. As I closed my eyes and focused on the sensations his hands wandered and I found myself longing for him to touch me with his fingers, to draw them in an ever closer arc towards my backside, and that is when sex changed for me. 

I bought the plug online. I felt like a teenager again, but his fingers had felt so good and I couldn’t wait to find out what this would feel like. I imagined what my friends would think if they knew what I was up to, and I blushed as I made the order. Those three shipping days felt like forever.

And now, as the cool metal wandered over the skin of my back and moved towards my arse I could think of nothing else but the way its smooth surface felt on my warm skin. His cock was nestled between my thighs, it’s heat pulsing and teasing my cunt even as the plug brought me out in goosebumps.

Suddenly the plug is gone, and I gasp as I feel the cold drip of the lube as he places it just above the crack of my arse and watches it as it runs slowly down in between my cheeks. His finger follows behind, massaging my skin and my hole in slow circles, gently pushing the lube inside my butt. I groan as I feel his thumb slowly entering me, my muscles clenching as he inches it inside. 

I feel him kiss and caress my back, and his hand slides in between us to grab his cock and line it up with my cunt. I squirm in anticipation, pushing back into him as he slides the tip inside and groans himself, but he holds there, not moving and instead his thumb begins to rock back and forth, stretching my arsehole and driving me crazy.

He asks me if I am ready, and I want to scream in frustration. I’ve been ready for three days, I need this now. With his cock still just teasing my entrance he withdraws his thumb, replacing instead with that cold aluminium and finally, finally circling the sensitive skin around my arse. It slides easily over the lubed up opening, almost tickling as he teases me with the tip. Then slowly, slowly he begins pushing it into me, the pressure building as my body starts to give way to the metal. It still feels cold, like ice as the pressure intensifies and my arsehole begins to stretch and widen. I have never felt anything like the tightness I am feeling now with his cock inside me and the plug opening me up from behind.

I can’t help but release a moan at the sensations I am feeling. It isn’t yet at the widest point, and I know it will get more and more intense. As he continues to push firmly, his cock begins to slide in even deeper and the dual intrusion sends me spinning. I want it to go on forever, but the plug suddenly reaches its widest point and is sucked in with a slight ‘pop’, leaving just the flare to tickle the skin where all the sensations are heightened. 

With the plug in, I feel a pleasant fullness and I can feel the heaviness of the metal as it settles inside of me. I am glad I opted for aluminium. Behind me he starts to move his cock deeper, his pace increasing now as he feels the tightness of my cunt with the plug in place. Later, he tells me how much it turned him on, watching my arse being slowly penetrated by the plug as he teased my cunt with his cock, seeing it pop into place and feeling fully in control of my arsehole as well as my vagina. He can feel the plug pressing on him as he moves in me, and it drives him wild, every thrust of his dick pressing up against the plug and giving me the sensation of being penetrated in both places at once. With the plug fully inserted, I feel able to match his fervour, pushing back onto him as hard as he is into me, building to a crescendo that tops anything we have ever experienced before. The incredible feelings of fullness and the tickle of the plug around my arse at every thrust of his cock takes me over completely and as I hear him reach completion I cry out in my own orgasm, completely spent.

Collapsed on the bed, finally feeling my muscles relax into a stupor I tell myself, ‘I am going to buy a bigger one tomorrow’.

A black and white silhouette of the curve of my butt, sitting back on my feet. You can see the ring of a plug standing out against the white background, and underneath is just a hint of bush.
Sinful Sunday
February Photo Fest 2023

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