I know, I know, all my photos are in the bath. I have been spending a lot of time in there lately, and what with the house move and a plethora of infections and relapses I’ve been having to stay very, very still.

It’s no fun, staying still. I much prefer the joy of movement, of relationship, of exploring new things and being creative. I am lucky in so many ways that we have the opportunity to stay in a new place for a while, a quieter place closer to nature and with lots of space, but it has been frustrating to be unable to do anything. I spend far too much time lying in bed, scrolling my phone to distract myself from pain than is good for my mental wellbeing.

Sometime though, staying still is exactly what we need to do, and I hope that if I am patient, opportunities for joy (and naughtiness) will come along again.

Sinful Sunday

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