Rhythm and Range

I experienced a caning for the first time exactly one week ago.

Apart from a brief (and excellent) introduction to a variety of impact toys from Pointy in July during which she showed me its tap tap rhythmic potential, this was a first for me, and luckily I was in good hands. Four of them, actually.

I am very grateful to Bibulous for shepherding me through my first experience of impact play. He has the incredible ability of both making you feel safe (or scared, if that is your preference!), and cultivating clear and open negotiation even before you begin. And to Pointy for the addition of her hands, a subject on which I have a LOT more to say.

But this post is about caning.

I think what I like best about it is the versatility. The warm up strokes that feel like music, the tapping rhythm that can lull you to sleep all the way up to the intensity of the final five (the only time I think, that sound escaped me), it has range which makes it suitable for anyone. Even me.

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