The Sex Diaries (8th March)

I send my partner a quick text to let him know that I’ll be done in ten minutes or so. We usually have lunch together around this time, and I’m just finishing up listening through the audio I was recording for GOTN’s audio porn project. He sends back a quick ‘K’, and I tell him that the reading has definitely increased my libido.

‘Ooooh, shall we delay lunch?’ comes the reply. 

When he comes up he has brought the lube (we keep it in the fridge) and is already naked from the waist down. I smile, and he grins at me awkwardly. He sits on the bed and watches me as I take off my clothes.

We lay next to each other, and try to talk a bit about what to do next. It’s a little uncomfortable, as he struggles to talk about sex and to know how to show interest. I tell him a bit about the project, and we try to figure out what we’d like to do. We have to talk, because most of the sex buffet is off the table for me at the moment because of my disability. As I am usually the one driving things, it’s put a bit of a strain on our relationship. 

We discuss briefly the idea of mutual masturbation, which sounds great and we bookmark that as an idea for another time. I wonder if he will remember. For now, I can’t physically do a lot, and we decide that we both need to be as aroused as possible before he fucks me. It is sad that we have to think about how to make the fucking part quick, but if we don’t then we risk damaging my muscles even further. I really miss the way we used to fuck. 

He laid a towel on the bed, and I am lying face down as we talk. I tell him I miss playing with the plug, and he agrees. It definitely turns us both on, and he tells me that he wants to fuck me with it. I lay still as he teases me with the lube. He likes to watch it melt and drip downwards, and then make me gasp with the cold aluminium of the plug. He takes his time to make sure I am well lubed up, and then starts to play.

No slow and gradual stretching this time. He moves quickly, pushing in and out with the plug and enjoying making me react. It quickly becomes more vigorous and I think maybe he needed this more than I did, though I didn’t realise it. He rests part of his weight on my back, holding me down as he keeps his word and fucks me. 

He steps back, all of a sudden, leaving the plug at it’s widest point. Standing at the foot of the bed he watches me as I wait, trying as hard as I can to stay relaxed. It’s no good, an involuntary spasm pulls the plug into me and I am reprimanded. We try again, and I last a little longer this time, before the plug shoots out, falling onto the bed. 

I can see him, if I turn my head a little. He has returned to my side, and fucking me with the plug. What I find really sexy though, is the way he alternates holding me down, and wanking hard with his spare hand. I can feel the desperation in it, and it turns me on.

We exchange a few desperate sentences, each of us telling the other what we need, and he switches to fingering, plunging his thumb deep inside me whilst using his fingers on my clit. 

Eventually, he can’t stand it any more, and shifts his weight to lie on top of me. I slide my hand underneath me to rub my clit as he presses into me and whispers into my ear. His cock finds my cunt and he pushes into me. 

It’s been a while, and we both groan. It feels amazing, and we fuck like this for a while, but he is really horny and comes fairly quickly. Sliding back carefully, he finds another toy, this one cold like the plug, and slides this into my cunt instead. The heady mix of sensations drive me over the edge too, and I collapse in a heap. Not that this changed much other than muscle tension. I relax, and hope (again) that I didn’t tense too much and that I will be able to walk tomorrow*.

*I can walk, but my wanking arm feels like somebody took a two by four and went to town on it. We might need to find an alternative next time.

2 thoughts on “The Sex Diaries (8th March)”

  • Ah I love this 🙂 it can’t be easy having to navigate much wanted sex within limitations you didn’t ask for but I think it’s really valuable to write about it and I’m really grateful you chose to share this for the Sex Diaries x

    • Thank you! It has been an interesting challenge, one that we are still figuring out. Hopefully there will be more!

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