CW: dysmorphia

I’m still learning to love my boobs. There was a time, some years ago now, that I hated them so much that I wanted them removed. They didn’t feel right for me, and I just needed them gone really really badly. They didn’t fit the image I had of myself, the one that helped me to feel safe growing up and that I felt most comfortable with, and they were annoying and got in the way.

I’m glad now that I didn’t, mainly because I was able to breastfeed my kids, but also because I am learning to be ok with them, bit by bit. I think there is still a huge part of me that wouldn’t be sad if they disappeared overnight, but taking photos has helped me to see them (and me) differently.

4 thoughts on “Boobs”

  • Thank you for sharing this. I hate to see you’ve also had a rough time with your (in my unimportant opinion) glorious body, but it’s reassuring for me as I have a similar relationship with my breasts. Self acceptance is a huge deal, and I hope you continue to grow in this area. N x

    • Thanks lovely. It’s a tough one isn’t it! It’s nice to know it isn’t just me, but I hope that we can both find love for ourselves.

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