The First

Exactly one year ago, I took my first nude.

I was nervous. I had never taken a photo of myself naked before, and it felt daring and illicit and risky. I took the photo and added black bars to cover up my tits and pubes before I finally felt brave enough to send it.

It was also exciting. I waited for the response on tenterhooks, both longing for and dreading his reaction. When it came, he dared me to send it without the black bars, and I felt gratified and terrified. It took another few months before I sent the unedited version, building up to it with less daring shots in the meantime.

It’s hard to believe that one year later I’d have a blog where I regularly share nudes on the internet, talk about my body with all its struggles and longings, and chat nsfw style on twitter.

As we go through February I’ll post a few more throwbacks, the photos I took before I had nsfw twitter and sent to my friend on the other side of the world. They are part of my story, just like all of you.

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