Trust the Process

I had a really good two weeks at the beginning of January, weeks during which I had a smidgen more energy, and I was able to increase the number of steps I was doing. I started helping out with cooking, and my legs were less painful than they had been previously. It was really encouraging.

Last week, a combination of a head cold, a ton of stress and a rather epic wank left me feeling worse again. It’s hard, after feeling the edges of a bit of progress, to suddenly be struggling to get any rest due to pain and exhaustion. It’s hard to get pushed back and to find everything an effort again, to stand up and feel like my legs won’t hold me.

I made this necklace over ten years ago now. I made it because I was in therapy, and making slow and painful steps towards mental wellbeing. I made it to remind myself that it is a process and even when it is hard – especially when it is hard – to trust that process. I had a good two weeks. I will have other good weeks too.

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