I have been waking up this week to frost on the ground outside. It’s exceptionally beautiful, and I can’t quite believe that only a couple of weeks ago I was in the woods with Exposing40 and Honey, taking photos of the fabulous leaves (among other things) for my 40th.

I love the warmth they bring to photos, and snuggled up under my cosy duvet with the frost outside it is nice to remember the fun we had, especially as this is my birthday week!

Exposing40 took this marvellous photo as part of the shoot, and it was a lot of fun playing with it for the prompt week this week.

Photo taken by Exposing40, edits by me.

Catch me in the hot tub this week, we have it for two weeks to celebrate my forty years on the earth. Another warm haven in the cold weather, and especially good for soaking away the aches and pains of chronic illness.
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