I have an upstairs bay window, which I love, for many reasons.

I get lots of sunshine, which is wonderful for photography, and for my mood, especially when I am in a lot of pain and stuck here for longer than I would like.

I also love it because I can lie on my bed, peel off my underwear, and get up to all kinds of mischief with the curtains wide open and the light pouring in. I can see my neighbours upstairs windows, but I am far enough back that I am reasonably confident that they can’t see me. I can get myself a nice chunk of coconut oil from the fridge and let it melt on my skin, some of it anyway, the rest I can slip inside me to melt there. I can hide away a plug, slowly sliding it in to join the oil already melting there, and read erotica for a while, enjoying the sensations and fantasy. I can touch myself and play, watching my street, all of whom are oblivious to what I am getting up to.

Sinful Sunday

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