In an update to the orgasm issue; I am sad to report that my Zumio is broken.

Due to my difficulties with vibrations, the thing has only been lightly used at most over the last few months, and yet it was often the best option for me given that it was the lightest, and the toy that carried the least vibrations up my arm (compared to the doxy, for example, which is a beast and not particularly disability friendly. Quick plug – if anyone wants me to review toys for their accessibility, I’m game. It’s not an aspect generally covered in reviews and yet there are many many sex toy users who have disabilities that impact their use).

Anyway, when I did make an attempt, (one has to check these things), the Zumio was my go to.

No longer. And while I wait for a replacement – kudos to the company who agreed to replace the unit as it was still within warranty – (The unit was broken before I pulled the tip off, in case you were wondering. The tip fell off while I was following their instructions in an attempt to fix it!) I will have to resort to other measures.

Whilst one of the side effects of the nerve blocker I am trying to reduce is anorgasmia, it unfortunately hasn’t reduced my libido whatsoever. As a result I have been very much in need of an attempt, but without a Zumio to help. Luckily I do have a willing partner, and yesterday, at least, I discovered that where vibrations aren’t sufficient, a partner may be.

But I can tell you right now that my arm is not going to function for the rest of the weekend.

Sinful Sunday

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