I’ve had a really long, tough week. Physically it has been draining. I am trying to reduce my pain medication so that I can orgasm again, but that is triggering fairly severe pain flare ups in my hip (bursitis? sciatica? who knows), which affects my sleep and my rest. I’ve also been working towards various stressful deadlines including applying for PIP for the first time, requiring huge amounts of mental energy, and I have family visiting which is both wonderful and socially exhausting. It’s no wonder then that I’ve felt very down and depleted.

Time then for me to share a photo that makes me happy. I took this a couple of weeks ago and intentionally chose a pose that I knew would highlight some of the parts of myself I feel most insecure about. Surprisingly, I loved it. I don’t know whether it is the light, or the way it felt bold to stand in this way and give no fucks, but for some reason I was able to look at this photo and feel good. This is me. And I’m ok with that.

Sinful Sunday

16 thoughts on “Bold”

  • Wow, what an amazing image! Well done on being so bold and being pleased with the result. You are right to feel good about this image: it is a remarkable image of a beautiful woman.

    I hope you smile every time you look at it!

    • Thank you so much Alice, what a kind and lovely thing to say! (And yes, I will smile every time I look at it!)

      • Taking, and liking, selfies is a wonderful source of self confidence and empowerment! (I should know, I’ve taken about 30,000). May there be many more such images to make you smile!

  • Thanks Andrew, what lovely words. I appreciate it. Hoping to rest a bit today before the rest of the busy week.

  • This is a wonderful and strong image. Yes I think the light and your position in it is perfect but it’s also such a strong stance and you look fabulous in it.
    Missy x

    • BOTH hips! Gracious! I have no idea what is causing it, as I haven’t actually SEEN a doctor. Every appointment I get a different hypothesis over the phone, it is exceptionally frustrating. (The latest doctor decided it was nerve pain from the sacroiliac joint). Whatever it is it is bloody awful!

      Thank you sub-Bee!

  • Beautiful image artfully done.
    Brave words. We are taught growing up to be humble by not looking at ourselves with someone else’s eyes.
    We are taught that it’s prideful or somehow being stuck up to appreciate our own appearance.
    I am learning that to be full I need to accept myself and like who I am. Liking how I look is ok. I think it takes extra courage to be able to state that.
    Strong work. Thanks for posting.

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